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About Zetic Assets

Zetic Assetsis rapidly implementing a digital based retail Finance strategy which has resulted in exponential growth

No prepayment or hidden fees

We are known for transparency, hidden fees and charges is something we dont do, ensuring our customers are satisfied.

Wealth Insurance

With Zetic Assetsyour money and wealth is insured and we make sure you have access to your funds when you need them ASAP.

Lots of Financial Options

Our financial advisors are always ready to give you good and stable financial education whenever you need them.

We are driving the paradigm change The financial industry is on the verge of a paradigm change and Zetic Assetsis proactively shaping that transition. It is the pioneer of a new culture and total transparency in Finance. While other commercial sectors – the book trade, music industry and media world, to name just a few – have undergone dramatic fundamental change and developed further, the Finance industry in many places is still functioning the same way it did twenty years ago.
Innovative companies such as Amazon and Apple have long focused resolutely on customer benefit. The financial industry, however, has gone in the opposite direction. It has decoupled from the real economy: back in the 1980s, the cumulative assets of all banks in the world roughly equalled the global gross national product – today, those assets are five times as large. The current volume of derivative financial instruments is twenty times what is was a quarter of a century ago.
In the process, the complexity of the financial world has increased and the transparency decreased. Alone in Switzerland there are more than 7000 investment funds on the market. Hardly anyone has a clear overview of that universe. Investors know ever less about where and how their money is invested.


We successfully built up the world’s leading asset manager for sustainable investments, SAM Sustainable Asset Management (today, robecoSAM).

In collaboration with Dow Jones, we set a milestone by developing the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

As analysts and portfolio managers, we developed sustainability investment funds and private equity funds for institutional investors. Since then, we have been investing successfully in themes such as Water, Energy, Natural Resources and Climate.

We have advised globally leading companies: We supported companies such as Nestlé, Swiss Re and Starbucks in their efforts to credibly integrate sustainability into their strategies, products and services (SustainAbility).

We have played a key role in the international debate

As CEOs as well as members of executive committees and foundation councils, we have accumulated a wealth of valuable experiences. Joined together today at Crest Trust Capital, we convey this know-how to our clients.